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How would you like your hops?

Wet Hops

Fresh off the bine!

Wet hops are pr-order, first come first serve.  Pick up the same day they are cut from the trellis and processed through our Wolf 220. We will also deliver locally.

If there is a specific variety you desire, let us know and we may be able to grow them as long as they do well in the NYS Climate.

Dried Whole Cone or Pellets

Let us do the processing and packaging work for you!

Dried whole cone or pellet hops are preorder, first come first serve.  Hops are processed through our Wolf 220 and packaged in mylar bags after drying by Northern Eagle.  Think of how much you need for your recipes and we customize the packaging for you. 

Harvestor - Wolf 220


Bring your bines and let our harvester do all the hard work for you.  This will save you hours of time and you will probably save a few friendships too!

Hoppiness Dishsoap or Bar Soap

Hoppiness in your kitchen or Bath

Keep your dishes clean with this non-toxic hoppiness!  


Floral or Design Purposes

Pick out a beautiful bine or two for your wedding or special occasion.